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Lorex Customer Support  Hotline

Customer service can be rated good or bad. The bad will definitely break your experience if you’re dealing with security systems. Gladly, Lorex only offers good customer service to their clients.

If you are one of their customers and found your way here, you’re probably looking for information on Lorex customer service. This article focuses on providing you with all you need to reach out to their customer service whenever you want.

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Lorex Customer Support  Hotline

Toll-Free Number:

(888) 425-6739

North American Customers

Customer Service:

+52 800 514 6739


+44 800 047 8594

United Kingdom


(866) 467-8688

CCPA Inquiries.

Corporate Office Address:

Lorex Technology Inc.

250 Royal Crest Court

Markham, Ontario L3R 3S1


Other Location:

Lorex Corporation

10440 Little Patuxent Parkway,

Suite 300

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Columbia, MD 21044.

Email Support

If you prefer to put your inquiries or issues in writing, you can send an email to the support.

General Support: support@lorextechnology.com

Technical Support: techsupport@lorextechnology.com

Warranty and Returns:rma@lorextechnology.com

Don’t forget to provide enough information about your concerns, this will help them to be able to resolve the issue faster.

Live Chat Support

There is a live chat feature on their official website, using it is a good option to help you get a  quick response to your questions or issues that need immediate attention.

Self-Help Resources

They have also made things easier for those who can look up the help they want. There are a lot of resources on their website that can help you solve some of the issues by yourself. All you have to do is use the manuals, FAQs, video tutorials, and troubleshooting guides to sort out your concerns.

What to Expect from Lorex Customer Service

When you reach out to their customer service, you are sure to get professional and courteous assistance. Be that you have questions about your security system setup, need troubleshooting help, or just wish to discuss warranty or return issues, their trained representatives are ready to bring you the solution you seek.

Tips on How to Get the Best of Lorex Customer Service

  • Be prepared: Ensure you have your product information, order number, and any relevant details handy to help speed up the process.
  • Be clear: Say things the way they are, putting your issue or question clearly helps the customer service team understand your challenges.
  • Stay patient: You should understand that solutions take a bit of time, hence you should stay cool and let the team do their job.

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How do I contact Lorex customer support?

You can get in touch with them using the following channels.

By phone: Call 1-888-425-6739

Online: Log on to their support page at https://help.lorextechnology.com/ and submit a support ticket.

What are the hours of operation for Lorex customer support?

Their customer support is out for your service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

What types of support do Lorex customer representatives offer?

They can help you with a lot of things, some of the assistance comes by helping you in the following areas.

  • Choosing the right Lorex security system for your needs
  • Installing and configuring your Lorex security system
  • Troubleshooting problems with your Lorex security system
  • Using the Lorex mobile app and software
  • Answering general questions about Lorex security products and services

What is the Lorex warranty policy?

Customers of Lorex enjoy a one-year warranty on their security systems. Moreso, things can take another turn and allow you a warranty of two years if you register your product on their website.

What happens if my Lorex security product breaks during the warranty period?

In this case, you can reach out to their support if your warranty period has not elapsed. They will help you push for a replacement and your item will also be shipped to you for free.

Final Thoughts

You can always enjoy smooth customer service as long as you are a customer of Lorex. This is simply because of their commitment to excellence and reliable customer service.

They have also created a number of avenues you can use to get their assistance. Be that you choose to chat with a representative over the phone, send an email, or use their live chat support, rest assured that you will get the help you seek.

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