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No internet service company will survive a day without their customer service representatives. They are the heartbeat of any company that wants to be successful.

Having a reassuring voice on the other side of frustration is often all you need to save the day. OPTIMUM has set a good standard when it comes to attending to the needs of its customers.

If you’re one of their customers and want to get in touch with their customer service representatives, this blog post will provide you with all the information you need to achieve that.

From their customer service phone numbers, emails, and corporate address, to every other thing you may want to know.

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Optimum Customer Service Phone Number

  • General Customer Inquiry 1-877-694-9474

Toll-Free Number:

  • (866) 200-7273

Customer Service

  • (877) 694-9474

All Other Areas

  • (800) 244-2328

Altice One Skill (for Optimum subscribers)

  • (888) 822-5151

Altice One Skill (for Suddenlink subscribers)

  • (718) 860-3514

Bronx – Brooklyn – Westchester, NY

  • (203) 870-2583


  • (888) 425-2090

Covered Services

  • (877) 491-0050

Hendersonville – West Jefferson, NC

  • (866) 611-3434

Lightpath Account

  • (888) 592-1995


  • (631) 393-0637

Nassau – Suffolk Counties, NY

  • (973) 230-6048

New Jersey – Pennsylvania

  • (800) 735-5379

Norwalk Store

  • (866) 347-4784

NY, NJ, CT, PA, Hendersonville, NC, and West Jefferson, NC

  • (866) 360-2758

Optimum Online

  • (516) 390-9018

Optimum Online

  • (800) 291-8564

Report Cable Theft

  • (888) 705-7171

Service Protection

  • (866) 218-3259


  • (833) 792-2122

Accounting/ Billing:

  • (866) 213-7456

Business Customer Service:

  • (855) 270-5527

Business Premier Protection and Support

  • (888) 276-5255

Customer Support and Technical Support

  • (866) 575-8000

Business Sales:

  • (855) 267-8468

Sales/ Reservations:

  • (203) 870-2492


  • (631) 393-0707

Long Island

  • (718) 975-1140

NY: Bronx / Brooklyn / Westchester

  • (973) 230-2037

Sparta, NJ

Corporate Office Address:

  • CSC Holdings, LLC
  • 1 Court Square West
  • Long Island City, New York 11101
  • United States.

Other Info (opening hours):


Attn. Shared Services Dept

  • 1111 Stewart Ave.
  • Bethpage, NY 11714.

As usual, you’ll be welcomed by a human representative willing to help you with answers to any of your concerns.

1. Email Support

You can send your email to the address below support@optimum.com You’ll get feedback tailored to help you solve whatever your issues are.

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What To Expect From OPTIMUM Customer Service

  • Expertise: The company has put in a lot of work to present you with a team of experts. When you reach out, you expect to have some well-trained professionals answer your questions and address your concerns with clarity.
  • Prompt Responses: Regardless of the medium for which you contacted them, be it by phone, email, or live chat, the customer service team is ready to provide real quick responses. They are very aware that these internet issues can be very frustrating, so it is in their nature to fix them without delay.
  • Problem-Solving: Be it that you’re facing technical issues, have questions about billing, or are just in need of random information, this team is so skilled and dedicated to helping you find solutions.
  • Friendly and Trained Staff: As part of their commitment to providing quick responses to their customers, they have employed friendly and professional staff who are committed to assisting you in fixing various issues with ease.
  • Availability: It is natural to find yourself in the middle of a network issue at a very odd hour. Fear not, Optimum is aware of all these and has provided a flexible team. A team that offers 24/7 customer support to bring help whenever you are stuck.

How Do I Troubleshoot My Optimum Internet Connection?

If you want to try out the process by yourself, you can follow the steps below.

  • Check your modem and router to make sure they are both powered on and properly connected.
  • Restart your modem and router.
  • Any device that’s not under usage should be detached.
  • Run a speed test to see if your speeds are up to par.
  • Check for updates to your modem and router firmware.

If you don’t get it fixed, then you should look the way of your customer service team.

How Can I Program My Optimum Remote?

There are two possible ways to program your Optimum remote. The first is,

  • Automatically: Press the Menu button on your remote and then select Settings. Next, select Remote Control and then Pair Remote. Follow the on-screen instructions to pair your remote with your set-top box.
  • Manually: Look out for the code for your set-top box in Optimum’s Remote Control Codes database. Once you have the code, press the Setup button on your remote and then enter the code.

How Do I Check My Optimum Bill?

Below are a few ways to check your Optimum bill.

  • Online: Log in to your account on their website and then click on the Billing tab.
  • By phone: You can call on their customer service at 1-877-694-9474
  • By mail: They mail bills to their customers each month. So, it is important to wait for that time of the month.

How Do I Cancel My Optimum Service?

You can easily cancel or opt out of your optimum service, either by calling their customer service at 1-877-694-9474 or a chat with their representative online.

What Are Optimum’s Customer Service Hours?

Their customer service is up and running for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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Final Thoughts

If you are a customer of Optimum, you’ll never be caught between an internet outage and not having whom to report to. The company has put a lot in place to give you the help you need and when you need it.

You can reach out to them through phone support, email, or making a visit to their corporate office. Endeavor to be clear and patient with your complaints as the team gets into action to get things working again.

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